The Team 😎

Shifra Khan

Shifra got hired off of Twitter by the GP of i2i Ventures, one of Pakistan’s most prominent VC firms, to work on the i2i Insights team (platform/content arm of i2i Ventures). She started off building brain-computer interface projects as a teen, including a 3D-printed RC car that moved forward when concentrated. She was the youngest intern at KPMG Canada, on the cybersecurity team, in high school. From there, she worked on the advanced analytics team at one of Canada’s largest banks, CIBC. Shifra also helped design a public health project in collaboration with the Jigawa State Ministry of Health in Nigeria and a local non-profit. She's worked on special projects with multiple startups in Toronto, where she is based. When not working, you will most likely find Shifra powerlifting.

Umer Farooq

Umer Farooq has firmly established himself in the fintech sector, with over a decade of dedicated experience. One of the highlights of his journey is his association with the wealth-building startup, Spaceship, where he gained profound insights into nurturing financial growth and wealth management for individuals. This venture fortified his understanding of global financial strategies and investment structures. Drawing from his experiences and driven by his roots, Umer harbors a vision to replicate such successful wealth-building models in Pakistan. He sees an opportunity to introduce innovative financial tools and platforms in Pakistan's evolving market, aiming to empower its citizens with modern wealth management techniques.